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At J And K Glass, we strive to fit the highest quality windows at affordable prices. Made from the latest design profile and glass we aim to deliver the best standards possible.

Many of J and K's windows are supplied with toughened glass. This glass has gone through a tempering process which involves extreem heating and rapid cooling of the glass, this provides greater strength for safety and has a higher thermal resistance allowing less heat to escape from your home.

Having air between panes in a double glazed unit is necessary for good insulation.
For greater insulation our glass units are Argon gas filled, which is a colourless, non-flammable inert gas. It reduces heat loss by slowing down the convection inside the unit. Argon has a better degredation rate allowing up to 20 years good service.






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Self Cleaning Glass

Self cleaning glass available for your large glass projects, from roofing to your conservatories our glass is available in nuetral, blue, clear and bronze.
This glass is ideal for large projects where ease of cleaning is necessary, let the elements do the work for you, the glass breaks the dirt down and uses natural rainfall to wash the rest away.





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Over 30 years in the industry supplying the highest quality to our customers all over the country. British Craftsmanship At Its Best
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